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Contract Review and Negotiations


If you need advice regarding an employment contract, non-compete agreement, severance agreement, etc., we can assist.

If you have been presented with a contract, before signing, it is wise to have a lawyer review it to make sure your best interests are being represented. We can review general employment contracts, severance agreements and non-compete covenants. By necessity, your contract will be filled with legal language and stipulations. We want to help you focus on your career, not your contract. We will review your contract and explain each provision in easy to understand language. We will meet with you to ensure that this contract meets your goals. If it does not, we can negotiate on your behalf. If you have been laid off and have not received the compensation your employment contract provides for, reach out to our employment law attorneys. We will conduct a thorough contract review and fight for your rights to recover the funds you are owed. Similarly, if you feel the employer is unjustly enforcing a non-compete agreement, we may be able to help you negotiate new terms.

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