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Denied Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment compensation programs are designed to provide financial aid to those who lost their job at no fault of their own, while they are seeking new employment. In most cases, if an employee quits his or her job, they are not eligible for unemployment benefits. However, if the employee left due to the work environment, then the employee may be entitled to unemployment compensation. Some legitimate reasons for leaving a job that would entitle you to unemployment benefits include harassment, discrimination, and hazardous working conditions. No one should have to be subjected to a hostile or dangerous work environment. If you were forced to leave your job for these reasons, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. When an employer creates a hostile work environment, they are not only disregarding the law, they are disregarding your rights as an employee.

Requirements that are usually needed in order to receive compensation after losing a job include:

  • Registration with the state unemployment office;
  • Evidence that the unemployed worker is looking for a job;
  • The unemployed worker is available for work;
  • A minimum amount of earnings or a minimum period of time worked over a specific previous time frame.

Each state has different programs. We can help navigate you through Florida unemployment law.

Unemployment Hearings

When a person is laid off or otherwise loses their job, he or she often counts on unemployment benefits to help them get by financially in the short term. This is not always the correct assumption to make. Instead, it is a good idea to seek skilled legal advice.

Sometimes employers may claim a person was terminated for improper behavior or other forms of misconduct. It may be the employer terminated your position due to your voicing an opinion or making a harassment claim. We will thoroughly investigate the background as to why you were terminated and will aggressively advocate for your rights.

When an employer challenges the claim of a former employee to compensation, then the former employee must go to court in order to dispute his former employer’s claim. In this situation, an unemployment attorney may be needed in order to ensure your rights are being represented. Since each state’s compensation program is different, only an attorney who focuses in employment law in Florida can give you the legal counsel you need. Our law firm has a vast amount of experience in dealing with such cases, and will aggressively fight for your rights.

Undocumented Workers

If you have been denied benefits, an appeal can be made to the Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI). This appeal must happen within 20 days of the denial of a request for benefits. Do not risk losing benefits trying to handle this on your own. Let us draft an appeal letter to the AWI and provide experienced legal representation in your unemployment hearing.

An initial unemployment compensation hearing can take place in our office or over the phone. You will be provided the opportunity to defend your claim to the hearing officer, and the employer will defend theirs. It is very important that you have all supporting documentation with you for this hearing, even if you have previously submitted them to the AWI. We are also available to represent you in any further hearings.

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