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Сar Accidents

Car accident injuries can seriously affect and even end human life. In fact, you don’t even need to be going fast to sustain major bodily injury. Low-speed crashes can be extremely dangerous, too.

Even worse, the debilitating effects of a car accident may not show up for weeks, months and even years – especially injuries to the head and spine. If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, contact OBeidy & Associates for a free consultation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Walking – especially in California – can be extremely dangerous. Pedestrian accidents are at a 10-year high and our state leads the nation in pedestrian deaths. These tragedies destroy families, hurt communities and permanently alter people’s lives.

Motor vehicles can do tremendous and often fatal damage to pedestrian victims, so if you or someone you know has been hurt or killed due to someone’s poor driving, bad urban planning and other factors that make walking dangerous, contact us today to discuss your path to justice.

Dog Bites

We love dogs as much as anyone else, but owner’s of domesticated animals can be held liable in the event of an attack. Our team moves quickly to build your case, establish the facts, document your injuries, investigate the animal’s behavioral history and more.

Factors such as breed type, how it was raised and the unique circumstances leading up to the attack are all contributing factors. Accidents happen, but when a dog bites an innocent person – especially if owner negligence is involved – we will fight for your right to compensation.

Premises Liability

There are many laws on how private property must be maintained, and if you or someone you know is hurt or killed on someone else’s land, you may have a case. We represent victims of accidents caused by slip and fall, substandard maintenance, defective conditions, inadequate security and more.

Just like other accidents, it may take time for the full extent of your injuries to be revealed. If you’ve been hurt in any way on someone else’s property, contact us today to understand your rights under the law.

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Had a great initial intake and confirmed as we thought that we had a very weak case. As has been my experience with other good attorney’s whom I have interacted, they give you an honest assessment of your odds before committing to a long drawn out legal process that goes nowhere.

Gary Roquemore

“Once a client always a client.” I had a few questions, in less than an hour, Mr. Obeidy returned my call. At no additional charge he answered some questions. Thanks to a competent staff and his continued loyalty, I’m forever grateful!

Lisa Gachette

I have come across few professionals that truly go above and beyond the call of duty. Andrew O’Beidy is one of the most authentic and informed attorneys in his field. Jovial and charismatic by nature, Mr. O’Beidy brings his confidence and experience in law to the forefront; bringing resolve and justice to the most egregious of situations. A dedicated and exceptional attorney, he leaves no stone unturned in his diligent representation of his clients. If you are interviewing attorneys for representation in your matter, he is the lawyer you’ll want on your side. A walking encyclopedia of knowledge for labor and employment law, Mr. O’Beidy is the best of the best. A proponent of truth and justice; he never misses a step.

Cynthia Castiglia

Andrew and his staff were top notch. Every aspect of my case was dealt with clarity, intelligence and utmost care. Would highly recommend.

Gabriel Morales-Bermudez

Hiring OBeidy was the best decision for my case on discrimination. He is a powerful attorney that will fight for justice. He along with his staff are always there for you for any questions or concerns.

Nellie Cervera

Let me start by saying that this a very polished attorney. I hired him for some legal matters and he jumped into action immediately and did everything his said he would. Professional and experience is just the beginning. I was advised and explained in detail what my options were and how he was going to proceed! By far Andrew is one of South Florida’s finest attorneys ! Highly recommend 5 star!!

S. Bed, Past Client

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