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Your business structure may affect how much you pay in taxes, how much personal liability you are exposed to, your ability to raise funds, and the paperwork required to maintain your business in accordance with Florida Statutes. At Obeidy & Associates, P.A. we offer a wide range of services to help aspiring and existing business owners navigate the corporate formation process. Specifically, we can help you:

Choose the right business structure.

  • Again, choosing the right business entity is important. The structure of your business can influence everything from taxes to day-to-day operations. Your corporate structure should have a tailored degree of legal protection to ensure long-term success.

File your Articles of Incorporation/Organization

  • Filing Articles of Incorporation/Organization is necessary when creating a company. Let us handle the paperwork for you so that it is accurately, and lawfully, tailored to your needs.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (“EIN”)

  • Don’t navigate the IRS yourself. Let our team help get you set up with an EIN so you can open a business account and start being operational.

Help you designate a Registered Agent

  • All business formations must have a Registered Agent. A registered Agent has one job: receive documents on behalf of the business and pass them to the appropriate person. Once a registered agent is selected, you can tell them who to notify if they receive litigation or other important documents.

Avoid Administrative Dissolution

  • The Florida Division of Corporations has the power to administratively dissolve or revoke your business status if you fail to comply with certain formalities. We educate our clients on how to avoid later administrative dissolution and can be retained to handle administrative formalities on your behalf.

The list above is in no way intended to be exhaustive. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get started on forming your new business.

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