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Contracts & Partner/Member Agreements


Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, you must protect yourself and your business through enforceable agreements.  Obeidy & Associates, P.A. has vast experience drafting:

  • Partnership Agreements
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Operating Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-Solicitation and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Business Advisors often opine that a business owner should “start and run their business with the end in mind.”  Ask yourself: have you prepared for the four inevitable D’s: Death, Disability, Divorce, and Disagreement?  Specifically,

  • Do you have a will? If so, does it denote what you want to do with your business in the case of your death?
  • If you became disabled or incapacitated, have you designated someone as your power-of-attorney who could handle your business affairs? Does this person know exactly what your wishes are if you became disabled or incapacitated and could no longer work?
  • What about your business partners? Are you comfortable running the business with your partners spouse or children in the case of divorce or death?
  • What happens when the partners disagree on a major business decision?
  • What happens when a partner wants out?  What happens if YOU want out?

It is prudent and wise to plan for the aforementioned events and protect yourself through contract.

Business owners often erroneously believe that if they get sued, the case will be filed from an aggrieved customer, unpaid vendor, or some other third party.  They often overlook the reality that most litigation originates from within: owners, employees, and shareholders.  Internal disputes pose the highest risk of catastrophic collapse.  At Obeidy & Associates, P.A., we educate our clients to plan for the unexpected.  Contact us today to see how we can help you protect your interests through contract.

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