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OBD Legal is readily available to start building your estate plan today!

It is never too early to protect your family’s future. From temporary or permanent incapacity to death, estate planning will put your family in the best place possible under the circumstances.

At the Law Office of Obeidy & Associates, PA, we can help you plan for your family’s future. Call 954-695-3337 to schedule a free consultation.

We have options to help you determine which path is best for you!

Estate planning means more than writing a will. There are significant health care and financial decisions that need to be made. Every person and every family has different needs and goals when it comes to estate planning. No template or standardized form can address the concerns that are unique to you. That is why it is important to work with OBD Legal. We are available to attend to your needs and design an estate plan specifically for your unique life situation.

We can help with all matters of estate planning, including:

  • Creating wills and trusts to transfer your property at death and provide for the care of your minor children or pets, if you have any.
  • Establishing powers of attorney and health care surrogates to identify the person or persons who will act on your behalf and make decisions concerning your finances or health care if you become unable to do so.
  • Preparing living wills (or health care directives) to clearly state your wishes so that you can make your voice heard when you can no longer speak for yourself.
  • Preparing life estate deeds that allow you to pass property automatically to one or more designated recipients at death.
  • Addressing the unique estate planning needs of gay and lesbian couples.

We emphasize the importance of having an estate plan to our clients, because life is so unpredictable and if you suddenly pass away intestate, literally meaning die without a will, the state of Florida would lead the process of distributing your assets, and they will not give your estate the level of care and concern that we will here at OBD Law. Your family members and loved ones will have reassurance and peace, knowing your life earnings are distributed per your wishes.

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