OBeidy & Associates, P.A., Fights to Restore Justice for Both Employees and Employers

We are a South Florida law firm dedicated to providing personalized service. We strongly believe in dynamic representation for those who have been wronged. From hourly workers to CEOs, we represent clients from all walks of life. In fact, our office operates under the philosophy: It is not for glory or riches we fight, but for our people.

With extensive experience handling a wide range of labor and employment law issues, you will get the catered and personalized legal representation that you deserve. With a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys who strive to fight for the rights of our clients, you will find our law firm to be compassionate and attentive to your individual needs.

We represent both employers and employees through all stages of the employment process. Whether you are a small-business owner or a CEO interested in ongoing employment law counsel, or an employee facing discrimination or sexual harassment issues at work, we can help you. Whether you need assistance with employment contract negotiations, unlawful conduct claims at the workplace or severance issues, we can help guide you through the complicated issues surrounding employment law.

If you are interested in our employment law services, whether you are seeking employment law defense or you are an employee asserting the legal action, find out more about how we can help you with your employment-related issue by reaching out to our team of dedicated attorneys.

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish and French.

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We are a South Florida based law firm representing individuals in the Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, as well as individuals from Canada who are eligible to work in the United States on TN visas. Call us at 800-252-5493 or contact us online.